Out of surgery

Tristan came out of surgery about 2.5 hours after he went in. He was very groggy and sore, but the surgeries seem to have went just fine.

He’s in quite a bit of pain, but they are doing a good job with pain management and he is currently resting peacefully.

I am pretty exhausted, but holding it together. The nurse jokingly told me I can’t leave the room because his blood pressure is lower when I am here 😉

We’ll keep updating you as things happen. Thanks, everyone, for your love and support. We really appreciate it.

In the hospital again

Hi friends,

You’ve probably been wondering what is going on lately, and we haven’t been great about keeping everyone updated.

Tristan has a post in progress about what landed him in the hospital this time, but we started out in the ER early Sunday morning and have been here since.

Tristan is currently in surgery as I write this. He is having two relatively minor surgeries to implant two catheters: one for hemodialysis and another for peritoneal dialysis. The emergency room had already placed a catheter in his neck for emergency dialysis Sunday, but these two ports will enable him to be discharged in the next 1-2 days. Because the PD port (which lets us do dialysis each night from home instead of going into the center 3x/week) takes two weeks to heal and another week to train for the procedure, T will be undergoing dialysis from the center every other day for about the next 2-3 weeks.

Right now I am praying that the surgery goes as well as possible with no complications, and I hope you will also send so your prayers, wishes for wellness, and good energy out into the universe for Tristan right now. We need each other during these times.

More later today …

– Alisyn