How I’ve been feeling after surgery

Hi everyone, sorry it’s been so long since we’ve made an update, and particularly, since i’ve written a post myself. I wanted to let everyone know that I’m doing really great (much better than I thought possible…) and things have been going overall very well.

The operation itself, while intense and long, went incredibly smooth for both me and Liina. There’s not much interesting to say about the hospital other than the first day waking up from surgery was a little challenging, but everything got better from there.

Even on that first day, the way I felt was incredible. Maybe I was high on pain killers, but all the doctors were saying that I was doing amazing and my numbers were incredible (… and still are thankfully!). It’s hard to describe how different I feel after coming off of being sick for 2-3 years.

And I wasn’t just sick… I was doing pretty terrible at some points. To give you an idea, when I entered into the hospital, I weighed about 172 pounds. After about 1-2 days, I had gotten rid of about 10 pounds of excess fluid that I just could not get off with dialysis. Today when I weighed myself I was 155.8 pounds. So the kidney is working great!

The main number that the doctors use to determine kidney function is called creatinine. Healthy kidney function is in a range of about 0.5 to 2.0. When I came into the hospital, my creatinine was up to 14. Today, it is stabilizing around 1.3, which is awesome. I haven’t had kidney function this good since I was maybe 2 or 3 years old? Either way, this is a new feeling for me.

It’s really a feeling of clarity in a lot of ways. The kidney’s are responsible for removing toxins from your blood. Because dialysis was not working so well for me, I was literally swimming in toxins. And those toxins are everywhere, including your brain. So I just felt like I was in this sick fog for so long. It’s really crazy to feel this way, and I’m so grateful to be at this level of health again.

What else can I say? I’ve just been hanging out at our rental in San Mateo, going for walks (longer every day), taking pain killers (less and less everyday!), and working with my sister on some projects. Alisyn just started working remotely today, so her company will be missed during the day. But it’s good for me to start working on some projects i’ve been eager to complete but have been too out of it to focus on for long periods of time.

I’m really excited about where life can go from here. Everyone has been so nice, all our friends who have followed and supported us through this have been amazing. All the doctors and nurses in the hospital have been amazing. And everyone who’s been staying here in our little condo (my mom, dad, liina, JJ, and Alisyn) have been amazing. I just feel so great, and it’s this weird alien feeling that I am not quite used to yet.

But i’m starting to remember… or maybe learn for the first time what it feels like to be healthy and feeling a sense of peace and clarity in my mind. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I truly feel the greatest sense of clarity now, after this surgery, because the physical and emotional journey it took me to get here has been so immense. It’s been a lot of work… kinda like climbing this seemingly never ending mountain, and then realizing you finally got to the top.

It’s not like things are 100% perfect. I still have lots of healing to do, and after living on dialysis for 2 years, my body has very much taken a beating. But things are looking up, and for the first time in a long time, I know everything is going to be ok. This will be a revolution for me, and Alisyn, and I’m so happy that we made it through this crazy time and survived to see the other side.

I’m very much looking forward to the future even though I don’t know what’s going to happen next. There is so much I want to get back to, and do for the first time, and I’m filled with a sense of peace and excitement for giving the best of myself to my life.

I hope that this gives you some insight to what’s been going on. I know that it’s been a long time, but finally “wellness for tristan” has transcended the realm of desires and dreams, and has come into reality. I truly feel well, so much better than I’ve felt in a long time, and I could not be more grateful for what has taken place.

I can never thank Liina enough for the gift she’s given me. She knows how monumental¬†this is for me, and I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful sister that would do such a selfless act for me.

And Alisyn, I can never thank you enough for loving me and keeping me together through this process. You are the love of my life, and I truly could not have done this without you. Life can continue to be more amazing than it has ever been before.

To mom and dad, and all my loving family and friends, I love you guys so much, and I’m so grateful for all your love and support through these crazy years. I’m so happy to have you in my life!

Here’s to a bright future! Thanks again for reading!


4 thoughts on “How I’ve been feeling after surgery

  1. Tristan it’s so nice to hear/read that you are doing so well, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you a speedy recovery and thinking about you and Alisyn!

  2. Tristan-thanks for the update. You must feel like a cloud has lifted-I cannot imagine how you functioned daily with a creatinine of 14 – enjoy your newfound health!!! Tell Liinea hi and how much love we have for all of you!!! (Alisyn too!!)

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